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We are a family-owned business based in Killasser in East Mayo. For farmers who want to control docks The Green Submarine provides a natural, simple, biological solution which avoids the headaches, health risks and environmental damage associated with application of chemical herbicides. We operate a small beef farm in Mayo. Like many farmers we had a problem with docks. Twelve years ago we noticed something the docks in one of our fields and we discovered it was dock beetles. We gradually introduced them to our other pastures and we have not had to spray for docks since then.

Dock beetles are native and natural predators of docks. They shred the dock leaves and keep them to an acceptable level in grassland.

We produce dock beetles at our facility and market them to farmers as an alternative to chemical herbicides. The beetles are shipped to the customer and they install the beetles in their fields. Clear instructions for distribution of the beetles are provided with each purchase. We also offer a service option whereby the inoculation in field is provide by The Green Submarine


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